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Appreciate the joyous styles from the flowers elves

Diamond Butterfly Choker Necklace


Gold Butterfly Anklets with Rhinestone


Butterfly Couple Rings For Lovers Best Gifts


Vintage Butterfly Choker Necklace For Women Girls


Rings for lover couples

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The butterfly couple ring  implies freedom of life and freedom of love. Secondly, the butterfly’s vitality is tenacious and can give people encouragement. Similarly, on the ring.



long-lasting, all-shining

Vintage Butterfly Choker Necklace

In the horn of natural harmony, pay tribute to the smart nature, with its unique ingenuity structure, leave a beautiful memory of love for the lovely women.
The wonderful combination of the simple butterfly and the snake-print necklace makes the butterfly with its various gestures reflect the mystery under the bright neon lights.



Gold Butterfly Anklets

This rhinestone butterfly anklet has a high refractive index, giving the anklet a deep sense of refraction and keeping the luster longer. Unique metal appearance design, elegant and stylish, distinctive. As if seeing the dancing clear shadow at the ankle, exuding an elegant temperament.


natural & sexy

Butterfly Tassel Drop Earrings

Butterflies are born with a beautiful, detached, light and confident beauty. Wearing butterfly earrings can make you more attractive and attractive
Girls wearing butterfly earrings will have an unforgettable love. Your boyfriend loves you more and loves everything about you.


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