Mother of Pearl Butterfly Necklace gold and rose color

Things You Should Know About Mother Of Pearl Butterfly Necklaces

Mother of pearl butterfly necklace looks great on any outfit, especially if you are going to an important event or meeting where you need to look your best. The butterfly pendant will add a touch of elegance and classiness to your attire. The butterfly pendant is made up of mother of pearl shells that have been carefully carved and polished so they shine brightly.

Mother of pearl is a beautiful stone that comes in many forms. It is often used in jewelry making and has been known to be one of the most common types of shell found across the world. However, not many people know that mother of pearl has healing properties as well

Why Choose Mother of Pearl?

There are many reasons to choose mother of pearl over imitations. Here are just a few:

Mother of Pearl Butterfly Necklace gold color

Natural beauty

Mother of pearl has always been considered a beautiful material, and it still is today. It’s even more popular than ever before because it can be crafted into many different styles and designs.


Mother of pearl is an inexpensive way to add elegance to any room in your home or office space. You can add a touch of class without breaking the bank by using this beautiful material in your home decor projects!


Unlike some other materials used for home décor projects, mother of pearl won’t fade with time or wear and tear. This makes it an ideal choice for all kinds of interior design projects — especially those that involve children who might be tempted to scratch their toys against walls!

Purity and innocence

Mother of pearl symbolizes purity and innocence, especially in its traditional usage as an engagement ring. This makes sense when you consider that pearls are valued for their resemblance to one thing in particular—the female reproductive system. While pearls have been used as symbols of fertility, they also represent your own purity when you wear them on your finger or around your neck. And if there’s one thing we know about motherhood, it’s that parents are always going to be looking out for their little ones’ best interests!

Wisdom and knowledge

Mother of Pearl Butterfly Necklace Rose gold color

Pearls can also be thought of as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge because they’re believed to house spirits in them (or something like that). The mythological folklore surrounding these gems has been around since ancient times—and continues still today with some people believing that wearing pearls can bring good luck and ward off evil spirits; so who wouldn’t want those kinds of perks?

Interesting Facts Behind of Butterfly Mother Of Pearl Necklace

Mother of pearl is also known as nacre. It is a naturally occurring substance found in the shells of mollusks. The inner layer of a shell (the nacre) is composed of a mixture of calcium carbonate and conchiolin protein. This produces an iridescent structure, which can be used for jewelry or even make up!

It’s soft, shiny material with iridescent colors makes it perfect for many different products including jewelry and home decor items like vases, trays, etc.

Often called nacres

Mother of pearl is also known as nacre. Nacres have been used in manufacturing since the days of ancient Rome. They are found in the shells of mollusks and are the inner layer of a shell that protects its animal’s soft tissues from outside elements and predators. The iridescent material has been used for centuries on everything from jewelry and tableware to religious objects and artwork.

Nacre is made up of aragonite crystals, which give it its shimmering appearance. The crystals refract light differently depending on how they’re arranged, giving each piece its own distinct look and feel.

They are naturally colored.

The mother of pearl necklace is a natural product. They are not colored artificially, but rather naturally. The coloration comes from the iridescent nacre that is found on the inner shell layer of mollusks, such as oysters and mussels. The outer layer can be removed and used for jewelry making; however, if you want to keep your mother of pearl piece in its natural state, it’s best to avoid wearing it in water or exposing it too much to harsh chemicals (such as perfume).

Mother of Pearl is known to be the most sensitive stone.

Mother of Pearl is known to be the most sensitive stone. It can be damaged by water, heat, chemicals and sunlight. The Mother of Pearl should never come in contact with any kind of acids or alkalis as they will affect its color and shine.

It is the birthstone of the month of June.

Mother of Pearl Butterfly Necklace gold and rose color

It’s also the birthstone of June. The month of June is associated with the astrological sign Cancer, and it’s considered a traditional gemstone for Gemini. It’s also the month of summer solstice—the longest day of the year.

It’s been said that wearing pearl jewelry brings good luck, especially if you wear pearls during tough times or moments where you need to be extra careful…and let’s face it: we can all use some luck now and then!

It helps in love manifestation

The butterfly mother of pearl necklace has been worn to signify the purity of one’s love for another. Wearing this pendant also means that you are ready to give your all in a relationship.

The mother-of-pearl shell is sacred because it houses an embryo in its womb before birth; therefore it symbolizes fertility and transformation. Additionally, it represents hope, renewal and power over evil forces while protecting against curses and hexes from black magic practitioners who would harm you with their spells.

The shape of this shell resembles a tear drop which gives off an energy associated with sorrowful memories or those who have passed away before us; however it can also be seen as representing rejuvenation through tears shed by bereaved loved ones who have come out stronger after experiencing pain from loss. In ancient Chinese culture these tears were thought to bring good luck when placed into drinking water during Chinese New Year celebrations!

Is known for its healing properties

Mother of Pearl Butterfly Necklace goldcolor

There are several benefits of using mother of pearl necklace. One of the most important benefits is that it helps in emotional healing, which means that it can be used to calm your emotions and irritation that comes across as a help for hormones that is caused due to stress, depression and anxiety.

Mother of pearl necklace also helps in physical health because it contains calcium carbonate which is an excellent source for healthy bones and teeth. Besides this fact, mother-of-pearl has been found to be effective in reducing inflammation related conditions like arthritis or gout, as well as headaches caused by sinusitis or migraines.

It helps in calming emotions

This is a necklace that can be worn by both men and women. It helps in calming emotions and irritation that comes across as a help for hormones that is caused due to stress, depression and anxiety.

It helps in healing wounds as well as soothing the pain of broken hearts. The mother of pearl also aids in protecting against evil spirits, negative energies and bad luck when worn around the neck or placed under pillow while sleeping. If you are dealing with relationship problems then this will bring back harmony into your relationship helping you to love each other more than before; it aids in strengthening relationships between couples too!

How to Care Your Mother of Pearl Butterfly Necklace

Butterfly Mother of Pearl Necklace is a fine piece of jewelry that you can wear to any special occasion. It is made by hand, so you will only see one like it. To maintain your butterfly mother of pearl necklace and make it last longer, follow these simple tips:

Keep away from moisture. This includes exposure to water, sweat or rain. If you are wearing a butterfly mother of pearl necklace that has beads or pearls on it, avoid soaking them in water as well.

Do not wear the butterfly mother of pearl necklace while sleeping or exercising. You want to avoid getting any dirt or oil on the butterfly mother of pearl necklace because they may cause discoloration over time.

If you have other necklaces that aren’t being worn, store them in the same box as your butterfly mother of pearl necklace. This will help prevent tangling and keep both necklaces looking as good as new for longer.

To clean your butterfly mother of pearl necklace, use a soft brush and warm water with little soap. Let it dry before wearing again.

Wash your hands before touching the butterfly pendant on your necklace so that any oil from your hands doesn’t harm the finish of the piece.


In the long run, wearing a butterfly mother of pearl pendant will help you embellish your appeal and add glamour to your gorgeous look. It is also a good way to enhance self-confidence, thinking power and communication. These features will, in turn, enrich your mental capabilities and make you feel confident, expressive and comfortable with yourself. You will also be able to win sympathy and get your message across effectively.Wear this pendant along with our other styles of neckwear to achieve a gorgeous, glamorous look every time you go out.