how much is butterfly necklace in nigeria

Affordable Butterfly Necklaces in Nigeria: Price Guide

As someone who loves jewelry, butterfly necklaces have always caught my eye. They’re delicate, yet stand out. Recently, I dove into the butterfly jewelry scene in Nigeria. I want to share what I found with you.

In Nigeria, people love butterfly necklaces. There are many designs and materials to pick from. You can find handcrafted Nigerian butterfly pendants or butterfly accessories that are more budget-friendly. When ordering, remember there might be extra costs for shipping. In Nigeria, these costs can be between ₦250 to ₦620, depending on how it’s shipped.

Looking for a Nigerian fashion jewelry piece for every day or a special event? Nigeria has what you need. Their butterfly necklaces are perfect for daily wear, parties, and as gifts. Nigerian jewelry fans often choose these because of how versatile they are.

Key Takeaways

  • Butterfly necklaces are a popular accessory in Nigeria, with a range of designs and materials available.
  • Delivery fees for these necklaces in Nigeria can range from ₦250 to ₦620, depending on the shipping method.
  • Affordable butterfly necklaces in Nigeria are versatile, suitable for daily wear, parties, and gift-giving.
  • Nigerian fashion jewelry trends are evolving, blending traditional designs with contemporary styles.
  • Handmade butterfly necklaces by local Nigerian artisans are a growing trend, offering unique and personalized designs.

The Beauty of Butterfly Necklaces

Wearing a stunning butterfly necklace brings joy to those who love fashion in Nigeria. These beautiful pieces are not just accessories. They symbolize transformation, freedom, and charm. The detailed designs and beautiful nigerian butterfly pendants add a touch of wonder and sophistication to the Nigerian fashion scene.

Symbolic Meaning and Cultural Significance

In Nigeria, butterfly accessories nigeria mean more than just being pretty. They symbolize growing, being strong, and adapting to life’s ups and downs. Wearing a butterfly necklace isn’t just about style. It’s a connection to the deep culture and traditions of the country.

Versatility in Fashion and Accessorizing

The special thing about handmade butterfly necklaces nigeria is how well they fit different styles. These striking pieces can go from everyday to special occasions. They can add a bold or subtle touch of beauty to your outfit. Butterfly necklaces are a great way to show off your style.

Exploring Nigerian Jewelry Trends

The world of Nigerian jewelry is changing fast. Artisans are mixing old and new, creating amazing pieces. They cater to the diverse tastes of Nigerian fashion lovers.

Traditional and Contemporary Designs

Traditional Nigerian jewelry is packed with stories and tastes of the past. It often includes symbols like the butterfly. This special insect stands for change, freedom, and beauty. Today, designers are adding modern touches. They mix tradition with current trends, making jewelry that everyone loves.

Handmade Butterfly Necklaces by Local Artisans

Local makers are a big part of Nigerian jewelry. Their handmade butterfly necklaces are special. They show off Nigeria’s creative spirit. People from Nigeria and beyond love these unique pieces. They are more than just jewelry. They also help local artisans make a living.

How Much is Butterfly Necklace in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the cost of butterfly necklaces can vary a lot. Prices for how much is butterfly necklace in nigeria depend on what they’re made of and how they’re made. The brand or store where you buy from matters too.

One study found butterfly necklace prices nigeria start from as little as ₦250 for delivery, up to ₦620. The cost can go up if you choose faster shipping. This extra cost affects how affordable the necklaces are.

But, there are many how much is butterfly necklace in nigeria options for different budgets. The prices for butterfly necklaces in Nigeria are generally pocket-friendly. You can find many different prices to pick from.

If you want something that’s not too pricey or a fancier necklace, you’re in luck. There are butterfly necklace prices nigeria for all budgets. Just take your time and check out what’s on offer in Nigeria’s jewelry scene.

Affordable Butterfly Necklace Prices

Prices for butterfly necklaces in Nigeria can change a lot. Liked by many, knowing why they cost what they do is key for smart shopping.

Factors Affecting Costs

The materials choice of materials makes a huge difference in a butterfly necklace‘s price. Those made from gold or silver cost more than those from base metals or resin. The brand’s fame and the maker’s skill also matter in the price.

Price Range for Different Materials

On the lower end, handmade butterfly necklaces by Nigerian artisans use materials like brass or copper. They can be found for ₦2,000 to ₦5,000. For something more, necklaces with sterling silver or semi-precious stones are priced from ₦10,000 to ₦30,000. As for a high-class choice, high-end butterfly necklaces with diamonds or 14-karat gold are over ₦50,000.

No matter your budget, you’ll find the right butterfly necklace in Nigeria for you. Knowing what affects the price helps you choose wisely. This way, you get the perfect necklace to boost your fashion.

Butterfly Necklaces for Every Budget

Looking for a way to add charm to your style? Affordable butterfly necklaces in Nigeria can fit any budget. You can pick a stylish piece for daily use or a shining one for special days. The butterfly jewelry world is full of options for you.

Inexpensive Options for Casual Wear

On a budget? You can still get lovely handmade butterfly necklaces nigeria. These are perfect for casual use. They are beautiful yet very affordable. You’ll find these butterfly accessories nigeria go well with many outfits. They work for the weekend or even the office.

Mid-Range Pieces for Special Occasions

Need something for a special day? Consider affordable butterfly necklaces that stand out. In the mid-range, you’ll see pieces with fine details. They add elegance to your look. Perfect for weddings or important parties, they help you leave a mark.

Shopping for Butterfly Necklaces in Nigeria

Finding the perfect butterfly necklace in Nigeria is easy. The country offers many options, from local markets to online stores. These places cater to the need for stylish jewelry. Let’s look at the best ways to find your ideal nigerian fashion jewelry and nigerian jewelry trends.

Local Markets and Artisan Shops

Bustling local markets are great for finding unique butterfly necklaces. In Nigeria, they are full of handmade pieces by local nigerian jewelry artisans. This is where you can see the creativity and skill of these artisans, making it easy to find one-of-a-kind pieces.

Online Retailers and Jewelry Stores

Many people in Nigeria prefer online shopping for butterfly necklaces now. There are plenty of online stores with a broad range available. This makes finding affordable butterfly necklaces easy. Whether you want a big eye-catching piece or something simple for every day, online stores have it.

local nigerian jewelry

Caring for Your Butterfly Necklace

If you own a lovely butterfly necklace, it’s key to keep it in good shape. This is true whether it’s a budget butterfly necklace or a special handmade one from Nigeria. A few easy steps can make your butterfly jewelry last longer.

Cleaning and Storage Tips

For your nigerian butterfly pendants, a gentle clean is best. Just use a soft, damp cloth on them. Steer clear of strong chemicals or water. These could harm your piece’s delicate parts. When you’re not wearing it, keep your necklace in a cool, dry spot. A jewelry box or pouch is super to prevent it from getting damaged.

Prolonging the Lifespan of Your Jewelry

Stick to these care tips to keep your affordable butterfly necklaces and your handmade butterfly necklaces nigeria pretty for a long time. Good handling and storage will keep them looking great. Your butterfly jewelry will stay a favorite piece, adding to your style. It also lets your unique fashion sense shine.

Nigerian Butterfly Pendants: A Fashion Statement

The charm of Nigerian butterfly pendants has won many over. These lovely pieces are now a favorite part of many wardrobes. They mix traditional art with modern style beautifully. So, wearing butterfly accessories Nigeria in your outfits can really make you stand out.

Incorporating Butterfly Necklaces into Your Wardrobe

Nigerian butterfly pendants are known for how easily they fit with different looks. They can make a plain outfit or a fancy one look better with their magic. You can wear them with anything, from a casual t-shirt to a stunning gown. They always bring a bit of fun and elegance to your look.

Try mixing butterfly accessories Nigeria to add more fun to your outfit. Combine different pendant shapes and sizes for a chic touch. With Nigerian butterfly pendants, there are endless ways to style them. They are perfect for anyone who loves finding new ways to wear their favorite jewelry.

Affordable Luxury: Handmade Butterfly Necklaces

In Nigeria, a unique trend is catching on. It combines affordable luxury with the charm of handmade butterfly necklaces. These necklaces are made by talented local artisans, adding a special touch to the style of people in Nigeria.

Unique and Personalized Designs

Every handmade butterfly necklace in Nigeria is special. It shows the skill and creativity of its maker. They come in many styles, including detailed beadwork and fine metal designs. So, you can find a local Nigerian jewelry that matches your taste and fashion style.

Supporting Local Nigerian Artisans

Buying these butterfly necklaces from Nigeria means more than just getting a pretty piece. You’re helping local artisans make a living. They are key to Nigeria’s jewelry tradition. Their work keeps the country’s culture alive, making every necklace a cultural gem.

handmade butterfly necklaces nigeria

Immerse yourself in affordable luxury in Nigeria with handmade butterfly necklaces. These pieces combine nature’s beauty with the skills of local artists. They are not just accessories; they are a part of the country’s creative culture.


This article has shown you the amazing world of inexpensive butterfly necklaces in Nigeria. We’ve talked about what these necklaces mean and the talent of the people who make them. They are great for any outfit and have deep cultural value.

In Nigeria, you can find jewelry for every day or for special events. There are choices for any budget. You can pick from cheap pieces to unique handmade ones. The market has something for everyone.

When you go to buy jewelry, think about these butterfly necklaces. They offer style and quality at a good price. Also, by choosing these necklaces, you support Nigerian artists and their skills. This helps keep their traditional ways alive. So, enjoy your selection and the story behind each piece.


How much are butterfly necklaces in Nigeria?

Butterfly necklaces in Nigeria come in various prices. It depends on the materials, craftsmanship, and where you buy them. You can find budget-friendly choices. Delivery fees vary, costing between ₦250 to ₦620, depending on how it’s shipped.

Where can I buy affordable butterfly necklaces in Nigeria?

Looking for butterfly necklaces in Nigeria? You’ll find them at local markets, artisan shops, and online. They’re made by talented local craftspeople. This means you get designs that are unique and just for you.

How do I care for my butterfly necklace?

To keep your butterfly necklace looking great, remember to clean it and store it well. The sources can give you tips on how to do this. Proper care ensures you can wear your jewelry for a long time.

What is the cultural significance of butterfly necklaces in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, butterfly necklaces mean transformation, freedom, and grace. They’re so loved that they’re a big hit for any outfit. This includes special events or just hanging out.

How can I incorporate a butterfly necklace into my wardrobe?

Butterfly necklaces are super versatile. You can wear them with anything. They make your outfits look great, whether for everyday or special occasions. They’re a must-have for everyone’s closet.

What are the benefits of buying handmade butterfly necklaces from local Nigerian artisans?

Buying these necklaces supports local Nigerian artisans. You get something made with love and care. Plus, you’re helping keep traditional jewelry skills alive while boosting the local economy. It’s a win for everyone.

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