What Does Blue Butterfly Meanings

Blue butterflies are one of the best things nature has given us. Because of their beauty, blue butterflies are often associated with special meanings and symbols. Although seeing a blue butterfly is not a common experience, the blue color of some butterflies around the world has special meaning for worshippers.


What Is The Meaning And Symbolism Of The Blue Butterfly

Blue butterfly symbolize rebirth and hope, as well as beauty and mystery. Blue is a mysterious color, representing the blue sky and the sea, as well as a symbol of hope. Therefore, when seeing blue butterfly, people will think of beauty and hope.

Blue butterfly also symbolize beauty and mystery. As a very beautiful creature, the butterfly, especially the blue butterfly, can bring people a very beautiful enjoyment if it flaps its blue wings and dances in the air. So the blue butterfly not only symbolizes beauty and hope but also beauty and mystery. Blue butterflies are also often seen as a symbol of happiness or change of fate. In addition, the blue butterfly is sometimes seen as a giver of hope.

Varieties of Blue Butterflies

Blue Butterfly Are The General For Butterfly With Blue Appearance

Most blue butterflies belong to the Lycaenidae family. Lycaenidae is the second-largest family of butterflies, with over 6,000 species in the world.
Blue butterflies include the blue-gray Puree eye butterfly in Ireland, the endangered Fender blue and Blue Morpho butterfly in the United States, and the eastern tail blue butterfly, which has a wingspan of 5 to 8 inches.

Adonis blue butterfly

Acmon Blue Butterfly, a native of California and Oregon in North America. Male butterflies have blue and black edges at the top of their wings, and female butterflies have blue and brown edges.
Adonis Blue Butterfly, living in western, central and southern Europe, as well as southern Russia, Iraq, and Iran, the male butterfly has blue wings with white lines around the edges, and the female butterfly has brown wings with white edges.
Leptotes webbianus butterfly, known as the Canary Blue, lives on Canary Island. Wingspan is 28-34mm in size. Males are mixed black and blue, females are mixed golden and brown. It only lives at 3000 meters from March to August.
Scolitantides Orion Butterfly, lives in Europe, Russia, and has been found as far away as Japan. Very small wingspan 20 — 25 mm, shiny blue-purple with black spots of different sizes, usually seen on rocky terrain in forests in May-June.
Shasta Bule Butterfly, a butterfly that lives in the southern United States, wingspan 20-22mm, blue wings with black spots, usually common from June to August.

The Meaning Of Blue Butterfly In Film And Television Works

The symbol of the butterfly depends on the theme of the specific movie.

The symbolic meanings of butterflies in movies such as “The Silent Lamb“, “I Am a Legend”, and “Butterfly Lovers” are still different.

The butterfly is a symbolic insect in many cultures. Sometimes it represents beauty and transformation, and sometimes it symbolizes the perishability of happiness and so on.

“The series of life processes of butterflies-from clumsy larvae to beautiful and delicate butterflies-deeply moved us and became a symbol of the mutation experienced by our own souls; it gave us the hope that one day we could leave behind In the worldly prison, ascend into the eternal light of heaven” (Jungian psychologist Abaili) .

This is why ancient tombstones are often decorated with butterflies, which symbolize the rebirth of the soul. As its Greek name implies, the butterfly, like a bird, is a metaphor for the human soul (another meaning of the Greek word psyche), and its “escape” is similar to elves, gods, and beautiful boys.

For example, the elves that appear in dreams and hallucinations often have butterfly wings, just like Hypnos [Hypnos, Latin Somnus]. In the description of This Side of Paradise, the soul implanted in Adam by the Creator sometimes has such wings.

Film Blue

In the movie BLUE,the blue butterfly breaking through its cocoon meanings the awakening of female freedom consciousness.

The journey of a woman who has suffered unexpectedly out of the gloom is also the process of a woman’s awakening of her free consciousness. Blue is the concrete embodiment of the most representative image in the film BLUE.

The blue glass door is the protagonist’s heart, and the blue glass ornaments are the protagonist’s emotional sustenance. The blue halo of the protagonist’s face, the blue light and shadow of his face when he was trying to meet with Oliver, and the whole film swimming in the blue ocean pool four times, the light and shadow are abundant, seemingly true and illusory.

The use of these blue colors, based on the melancholic attributes given by blue itself, has created an ethereal soul image. The film is close to neutral tones to restore the experience of real life.

However, all the pictures have a “blue” shadow. More emphasis is placed on the role of blue in scheduling emotional changes.

The Meaning Of Dreaming About Blue Butterfly

Dream of blue butterfly means

Dream a blue butterfly means that today you are easily influenced by the lifestyle of others, and you can even find your goal from the success of others. But anxious elements are also wandering in the air today, you have to be careful that you will be obsessed with those unrealistic things.

In terms of romance, although you are very smart, don’t treat your lover as a fool. The calm on the surface may hide an upcoming storm.

Mean Of When Blue Butterfly Visit You

Seeing blue butterfly means

Seeing the blue butterfly indicates that someone wants to send message to you, and it also expresses that someone is missing you. It can also be a symbol, indicating that you are starting to date with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and that both parties are increasing the relationship and popularity.

In Asian culture, butterflies are the communication and transmitters of psychics, helping the dead and the living to communicate for some kind of information. In Japan, encountering blue butterflies symbolizes the passing of information to the living by the dead relatives, so that they can help complete their lives. Do things or deliver unexplained information.

In ancient China, the blue butterfly was regarded as a symbol of rebirth due to its rare color. Especially when people who are hard mental practiced saw the blue butterfly, it indicated that they will enter a new stage and achieve high level.
In the ancient regions of Central Asia, seeing blue butterflies is considered unlucky. The family, relatives and friends will encounter death or dangerous things.

Final Thoughts On Butterfly Means

Although the color of a butterfly often determines a specific folklore, not all specific colors represent a belief or cultural symbol. The various colors of butterflies (not just blue) can often evoke people’s emotions about beauty, freedom, seasonal changes, happiness, femininity, nature, and earth elements such as water and fire. Butterflies are regarded as a beautiful display in art and are a natural symbol of fashionable women. In terms of decorative purposes, the color of the butterfly is only used to match a specific color, representing different meanings.

Due to it’s rare color, the blue butterfly combines positive meanings and symbolism such as hope, beauty, and rebirth, as well as negatives symbolism such as death and disaster.

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