Meanings of Butterfly Colors

Butterflies have been appreciated by people for their beauty in body, shape, and color, and they have been chanted throughout the ages. Butterflies are the most beautiful insects. They are hailed as “flying flowers” and “beautiful beauties in the country of insects”.

They are a symbol of elegant culture and can make people experience the joy of returning to nature. The butterfly is a symbol of happiness and love. It can inspire, intoxicate and yearn for people.

Traditional Chinese literature often regards flying butterflies as a symbol of free love, which expresses people’s yearning and pursuit of free love. Butterflies are loyal to lovers and have only one partner in their lives. They are one of the representatives of loyalty in the insect world. Butterflies are regarded as symbols of auspiciousness and beauty. Butterflies like flowers are often used to imply sweet love and happy marriages. The pursuit perfection of mankind.

Why Are Butterflies So Colorful

Butterflies have the most eye-catching colors in nature. When they fly in the flowers to collect honey, their bright wings seem to flash in front of your eyes and change different colors. How can a butterfly have such colorful wings?

The color of butterfly wings comes from the numerous tiny scales covering the wings. These scales are like the feathers of a bird, with a long oval shape, with a small short stalk embedded in the wing membrane at the base.
There are two main sources of scale color:

One is the pigment particles produced by its own physiological metabolism, which is called chemical color; the other is produced by the principle of physical optics, that is, structural color is also called physical color.

1.Chemical color

The white, yellow, red, brown, and black scales are mostly formed by chemical colors. For example, yellow and red are produced by carotenoid pigments, and brown and black are produced by melanin. These are all pigment particles that butterflies can produce through their own physiological metabolism. For example, the formation of white and yellow flavonoid pigment particles needs to be indirectly derived from the accumulation of plant pigments in the body of the butterfly ingested during the larval stage. Although these pigment particles have various bright colors, they are easy to fade or even disappear gradually due to various chemical effects.

chemical colors of butterfly

2.Structure color

For structural colors, the colors that can be produced are even more varied. It is actually the result of light scattering, interference and diffraction caused by light acting on the microstructures such as ridges and grooves on the surface of the scale. This is why we can always see the blue-green wings of butterflies in the sun with iridescent metallic luster.

Structure color of butterfly

The scales of a butterfly have two layers-the surface layer and the bottom layer. Often the bottom layer is dominated by dark colors such as brown and black, while the surface layer is richer in color, mainly bright colors. Although each scale has only one color, the scales of different colors are covered in an orderly manner like a roof tile, thus forming various patterns of butterfly wings.

What Does Butterfly Color Do

1. The bright appearance of the butterfly has a shocking effect on predators.

The bright warning color prevents the predators of butterflies from approaching or preying. For example, there are as many poisonous snakes as colorful caterpillars; the color of the wings of some butterflies is withered and yellow, such as the dead leaf butterfly. It plays a role of camouflage; some butterflies have one or more eyes on their wings, which are also used to deter predators.

2.The important role of wings is to adjustment body temperature just like human skin.

There are many scales on the wings of butterflies (a bit like fish scales). The colors of the wings are divided into physical colors and chemical colors;
The physical color is through the scale powder. With a microscope, there are many small scales. The scales reflect and scatter the sunlight. The angle of the scales can be changed (like pulling a blinds) to control body temperature. Therefore, under strong light, this kind of wings The color will not change;

Chemistry changes the color of wings through pigments, so this color changes under strong light because the pigments are destroyed by the rays of the sun. The scales on the butterfly wings are arranged overlappingly like roof tiles, and the shape is similar to a racket. There is a small handle at the base that is embedded in the recess on the wings and waterproof.

3.Distinguish between male and female

In 2005, scientific researchers discovered a butterfly in Africa. The substance contained in the scales of its wings has the same crystal structure as the light-emitting diode material developed using the latest nanotechnology.
However, more importantly, this nanostructure not only allows butterflies to have different colors, but also distinguishes sex.

In the cabbage butterfly community, due to the different “races”, some strange phenomena sometimes appear. For example, the Japanese cabbage butterfly is easy to distinguish between male and female, while the European cabbage butterfly and the male cabbage butterfly often find the wrong mate.

4.Camouflage function of butterfly mimicry color

The mimicry of butterflies, the main purpose is to evade predators, capture prey or food, help pollinate and reproduce offspring, etc.
Use the camouflage on your body to hide yourself so as not to be hurt. Among them, the most famous dead leaf butterfly, mimicking lifelike, displays bronze-colored wings, no matter the color or shape, it is difficult to distinguish whether it is a dead leaf or a butterfly.

Butterfly Color Meaning And Symbolism

Just as each flower has its own meaning, the colors on the butterfly also have different meanings.

What Is Meaning And Symbol Of Blue Butterfly

The blue butterfly symbolizes beauty and hope, as well as beauty and mystery. Blue is a mysterious color, representing the blue sky and the sea, as well as a symbol of hope. Therefore, when seeing blue butterflies, people will think of beauty and hope.

Blue butterflies are the general term for butterflies with a blue appearance. Blue butterflies mainly include the blue-gray puree eye butterfly in Ireland, the fender blue butterfly and the blue Morpho butterfly, which are endangered in the United States. Because of their beauty, blue butterflies are often associated with special meanings and symbols.

Blue butterflies symbolize beauty and mystery. As a very beautiful creature, the butterfly, especially the blue butterfly, can bring people a very beautiful enjoyment if it flaps its blue wings and dances in the air. So the blue butterfly not only symbolizes beauty and hope but also beauty and mystery. Blue butterflies are also often seen as a symbol of happiness or change of fate. In addition, the blue butterfly is sometimes seen as a giver of hope.

The Meaning Of Dreaming About Blue Butterfly

Seeing blue butterfly in dream mean that you will be influenced by other people’s lifestyles and even find your own purpose in their success. But fretful molecules are also floating around in the air today, so be careful if you fall in love with something unrealistic. Romantically, while you may be smart, don’t take your partner for a fool. The surface calm can hide an impending storm.

Dream of seeing many beautiful blue butterflies and meet all kinds of people to satisfy your spirit of adventure! Do not casually and not familiar with the person flirting, careful peach blossom robbery! Small gambling pleasure, and friends play mahjong, will be a little gain! There are new customers in business that need you to develop and socialize.

Dreaming of blue butterflies meaning that your love life is on the rise, and you will be shuttled around like a butterfly these two days! Under the aegis of Eros

What Is Meaning And Symbol Of Yellow Butterfly

The yellow butterfly meanings prosperity and prosperity. Yellow is the same color as gold, so it also represents wealth. In western countries, yellow butterflies are believed to bring happiness, joy and passion. Full of life and wireless joy as sunlight.

The Meaning Of Dreaming About Yellow Butterfly

Seeing yellow butterflies in your dreams means that the dreamer is likely to be a good conversation companion, and your friend may need your guidance. It is best to help him analyze the situation rationally so that he can find a solution on his own. Group shopping with friends or relatives is a good idea these days, and you can get a lot of discounts.

The sight of yellow butterflies in a traveler’s dream indicates that it is best to postpone the trip, especially if there is wind and rain, or the journey may be difficult and dangerous.

A businessman seeing a yellow butterfly in his dream, indicating that he has made money despite slow business progress.

People in love see yellow butterflies in their dreams, indicating that they have romantic fate, the whole love is very specific, will have a good love.

Pregnant women see yellow butterflies in their dreams, indicating that they are likely to give birth to a girl. Some labor pains may occur when giving birth to a girl, and good care is needed.

What Is Meaning And Symbol Of Black Butterfly

The black butterfly is a mysterious dancing spirit, symbolizing liberation and transformation. Black butterfly has appeared in many cartoons, such as the black butterfly in Hell Girl and the black hell butterfly in Death. It can be seen in all these places about death. However, black butterfly is not a symbol of death, but a symbol of liberation and transformation, and is the messenger connecting the earth and the earth. There is a legend that it is a transcendent soul, life has been sublimated into a mysterious black butterfly spirit, to help the soul in sin metamorphosis.

Black butterfly meaning: death and help mysterious fear mysterious also means black love! And is to give all the love for each other!

The Meaning Of Dreaming About Black Butterfly

Dream of a black butterfly with a broken wing, will feel disappointed, business loss, physical illness, suffering from mental torture.

Seeing black butterfly in your dream, will spend a lot of effort to deal with the unexpected situation of work, so that the spirit of tension to take care of their own health, too worried, give yourself unnecessary pressure, is you have to do a good job of self-adjustment.

Businessmen dream of black butterflies, indicating that your financial fortune will decrease in the near future, and there may be some losses in business. It is suggested that you try to avoid some big business orders in the recent period of time, to avoid causing huge losses.

White collar dream of black butterfly meaning your recent career decline, career will face very big pressure, originally very simple things will be very bumpy now, suggest you encounter bumpy do not retreat, blindly retreat will make your fortune lower and lower.

Unmarried people dream of black butterflies, indicating that your recent love life is not good, even if you meet someone you like.

What Is Meaning And Symbol Of White Butterfly

The white butterfly symbolizes pure love. The whole love is very romantic. This kind of love does not contain other things, but only love. When the white butterfly appears at the door of the house, it often symbolizes a very specific, that is to say, the family. Maybe they are very dedicated to feelings. They are not the kind of people who are more carefree. Instead, they will be very dedicated and treat their significant other very well. Such people are very mature and reliable, and they are especially worthy of others. Will also have a beautiful love.

People with white butterfly meaning are often very happy, their family atmosphere is very good, whether it is between parents and children, there is a good atmosphere, because they represent a deep love between them Therefore, we are completely thinking about each other. In this case, the whole family will be very happy and harmonious, and the development will be very smooth.

The Meaning Of Dreaming About White Butterfly

Seeing white butterflies flying in the flowers means that you will live a happy life and that joy will happen.

Dreaming of white butterflies with broken wings means that because of disappointment, you have lost confidence in your life, lost your business, got sick, and are troubled by sorrow.

To dream of seeing a white butterfly falling on your head or hat will result in you being promoted to three levels or becoming a millionaire because of your excellence.

Dreaming of catching white butterflies means that your beloved girl will marry yourself. But if the white butterfly in hand flies away again, it means that she will marry someone else.

To dream of becoming a white butterfly dancing in the air indicates that you will become famous for doing your work well or publishing excellent works.

Dreaming of see flying white butterflies means that there is a happy event at home, and that you will spend happy years with your family.

To dream of white butterflies flying into the fire, frustration in the middle of the event, or losing to a competitor, is a sign of frustration.

To dream of watching white butterflies flying in the air implies that you have to spend nerves on things related to the opposite sex, especially when facing embarrassment due to the other’s romantic affairs.

To dream of the death or injury of the white butterfly, ominous signs on his wife, or signs of conflict with the person who is supporting her.

To dream of falling while catching a white butterfly means that it takes energy and cost to realize the absurd idea.

The old man dreamed of white butterflies and was out of luck. It is manifested in the equal emphasis on responsibility and ideals, a little powerless, and a little frustration. You should do what you can to turn the crisis into peace.

The unmarried person dreams of white butterflies, indicating that the relationship is stable and warming up, communicate with each other more, let the other party know you better, suitable for discussing career problems.

What Is Meaning And Symbol Of Red Butterfly

The red butterfly is a symbol of strength and passion. However, in Asian countries, it symbolizes good luck, especially in Chinese culture, where red butterflies generally represent good career and life.
In England mythology, the red butterfly meaning was associated with evil creatures and was shunned by everyone.

The Meaning Of Dreaming About Red Butterfly

Dream of seeing red butterflies flying in the garden, happy things will happen. Evening reading tired, go out for a walk, inadvertently meet the girl friend that admire in the heart.

Dream of seeing red butterflies, symbolizing the human mind. In ancient Greece, the word “mind” meant both “butterfly” and “soul.” Because the butterfly has to break through the cocoon, the butterfly also has the meaning of rebirth in the dream. Butterflies in dreams are also about status and love. Dreaming of butterflies flitting from flower to flower indicates a comfortable and luxurious life and happy things will happen.

People in love dream of false butterflies, that is most willing to get along with the good faith marriage can become.

What Is Meaning And Symbol Of Orange Butterfly

The orange butterfly is a symbol of friendship, trust and wisdom. The orange butterfly is a symbol of power and wealth in ancient Indian culture. Orange butterflies are very common in nature.

They are usually orange and black. Such as The monarch butterfly , is known for its spectacular long-distance annual migrations, which range widely from southern Canada to the entire United States to Central and South America. There are two populations, one in western and eastern North America, migrating between British Columbia in Canada and California in the United States, and over long distances from southern Canada to the eastern United States to central Mexico. Other populations settle year-round but may engage in seasonal movements locally.

The Meaning Of Dreaming About Orange Butterfly

Dreams of seeing orange butterflies also symbolize spiritual enlightenment and, for those with Buddhist beliefs, religious piety.

The scene of seeing orange butterflies in dreams indicates that the dreamer is dissatisfied with the status quo and eager to broaden his vision and find a broader space for development. But if the orange butterfly is too bright and rich, it reflects the dreamer’s recent irritability. Such a dream is a warning to adjust your mental state in time so as to work and study efficiently.

Dreaming seeing of orange butterflies is a spiritually enriching time to attend lectures, seminars, club events, etc. Just remember to be on time and don’t be late. Couples should flatter their partner in front of his or her friends to boost their relationship.

Businessmen dream of seeing big orange butterflies, representing profits, to be patient management, setbacks and then get lucky.

What Is Meaning And Symbol Of Brown Butterfly

The brown butterfly is a symbol of signals and messages, such as when you see a brown butterfly, it is more likely to be a message from the spirit of someone who has passed away. The brown butterfly is the standard color of butterflies and is the most diverse butterfly. Because it is easy to disguise and has strong survival ability, it is regarded as a symbol of vitality and tenacity in many Eastern cultures.

The Meaning Of Dreaming About Brown Butterfly

Dream of seeing brown butterflies and consider ways to improve yourself. This is a good time to learn, whether to study theory or training their own operational skills, you should consider today. As a working/school worker, you need to start thinking about your career.

Dreaming of see brown butterflies is a good sign of your recent success in terms of your emotional health and financial well-being, but be careful that your mind is not too capricious and that you follow certain rules, and you will soon be on the right path

What Is Meaning And Symbol Of Green Butterfly

The green butterfly is a symbol of life and wealth. Green butterflies are rare in nature and are popular with butterfly collectors. In eastern cultures, the green butterfly symbolizes life and longevity. It is now widely believed that green is a symbol of wealth because it matches the color of the US dollar.

The Meaning Of Dreaming About Green Butterfly

The green butterfly in the dream symbolizes vitality, good luck, good opportunities, life stability, thriving career, thriving relationship, and at the same time, it also symbolizes balance and harmony, symbolizing the life of nature and plants.

Business people seeing green butterfly in dream, on behalf of loss of money adverse, not to expand management, should be small rather than big
Students dream of green butterflies, which means they have to go through twists and turns before they can get their wish
Men and women in love dream of green butterflies, which also indicates that love has a chance to develop in the desired direction


In the end, butterfly colors obviously aren’t limited to these, but these are the colors we’ll be focusing on for this article. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this article, and that you’ve learned a little more about butterflies, especially the colors of their wings. Remember, these colors mean different things in different cultures, and that’s something you need to be prepared for whenever you’re working with butterflies.

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