blue butterfly necklace with name

Personalized Blue Butterfly Necklace with Your Name

I looked at the pretty blue butterfly charm and felt amazed. This lovely personalized blue butterfly necklace means a lot more than just a piece of jewelry. It carries memories and moments that are close to our hearts. It’s great for birthdays, weddings, or to show how strong your friendship is.

This necklace is special because you can make it your own. Add an initial charm or your name, it’s up to you. The gold-plated butterfly is pretty with its blue. And it’s safe for anyone to wear, even those with sensitive skin.

As soon as you see this necklace, you’ll love how carefully it’s made. It’s perfect to give or keep for yourself. This necklace will be a favorite, making anyone happy whenever they wear it.

Key Takeaways

  • Personalized blue butterfly necklace with customizable charm options
  • Delicate, handmade piece crafted with high-quality, lead and nickel-free materials
  • Thoughtful gift for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, and friendship celebrations
  • Represents the symbolic meaning of beauty, change, and transformation
  • Presented in an eco-friendly, FSC certified gift box

Personalize Your Necklace

Elevate your style with a necklace that shows the real you. You might choose an engraved initial charm or a custom name engraving. This special custom jewelry makes a heartfelt gift that anyone would love.

Engraved Initial Charm

The personalized necklace features a silver-plated initial charm. You can pick any letter to make it unique for you or your special someone.

Custom Name Engraving

Want something even more personal? Add a name with engraved name charm. This makes your necklace one-of-a-kind and dear to your heart with the engraved charm.

Butterfly Charm Details

The blue butterfly charm on this necklace is stunning. It’s 7x6mm in size and shines with a blue enamel finish. The charm is made without nickel and lead, so it’s safe for anyone to wear.

This blue butterfly charm brings style and magic to the necklace. It shows how much the brand cares about quality and comfort. The wearer will love how it makes them feel special.

Chain Length Options

Choosing the right chain length is key in personalized jewelry. Our blue butterfly necklace offers many lengths. This caters to various needs and age groups. Whether for a child or adult, our chain length options have you sorted.

14 Inches – Child’s Length

The 14-inch length fits children 3 years old and up just right. It gives them comfort and security while wearing it.

16 Inches – Short Adult Length

Older children or those who like shorter necklaces might pick the 16-inch option. It’s a good customizable necklace choice for them.

18 Inches – Average Adult Length

At 18 inches, this length is most favored. It’s the average adult size and feels both comfortable and stylish.

24 Inches – Longer Length

The 24-inch length is ideal for those who prefer longer necklaces. It also works well for men looking for a bigger chain length.

chain length options

Chain Material Choices

There are many

chain material options

for your special necklace. You can pick the timeless look of a

necklace chain

or the cool, up-to-date style of a

cord necklace

. Our variety lets you find a perfect match for your own unique style.

Silver Plated Chain

The silver plated chain has 3x2mm links, which look delicate and lovely. It’s a good pick if you like silver’s classic look but want something more affordable than sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Chain

Our sterling silver chain has 2.8x2mm links for a more luxurious touch. Its high quality promises a shiny, durable finish that goes well with the personalized blue butterfly charm.

Black Cotton Cord

The 1.5mm thick black cotton cord offers a laid-back, boho vibe. This cord necklace brings simple elegance to your special design.

Black Leather Cord

The 2mm thick black leather cord is perfect for a hip, modern style. This necklace chain alternative combines trendiness with comfort beautifully.

you end up selecting, know that your personalized blue butterfly necklace will stand out. It will be a special and loved jewelry piece for sure.

blue butterfly necklace with name

This stunning blue butterfly necklace can bear your name or a loved one’s name. It turns into a special, one-of-a-kind custom jewelry. The tiny butterfly charm and option for name engraving make it truly unique.

Thoughtful Gifting

The personalized blue butterfly necklace is perfect for many moments. It’s great for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, and celebrating friendships. People buy it to remember special times and show love for those they care about.


On birthdays, this necklace is a top pick. It makes the birthday person feel truly special. With a pretty blue butterfly charm and space to engrave a name, it’s a gift that truly touches the heart.


The personalized blue butterfly necklace is a heartwarming wedding gift. It’s perfect for the bride, bridesmaids, or the couple’s mother. It represents the love from their wedding day forever.


At Christmastime, this necklace stands out. It’s a unique, personal gift that lasts. A perfect way to show family and friends they’re loved.

Friendship Gifts

For celebrating friendship, nothing beats this necklace. It shows how much you value the people in your life. It’s a beautiful reminder of the memories you’ve made together.

thoughtful gifting

Symbolic Meaning

The butterfly stands for beauty, change, and transformation. This necklace shows its grace through a beautiful blue butterfly charm. It’s more than just jewelry symbolism. It tells a meaningful story.


The charm in this necklace is alive with butterfly symbolism, showing nature’s beauty. Its detailed design and bright blue color bring out the butterfly’s elegance. This accessory is a vivid celebration of the butterfly’s symbolic meaning.


Butterflies change magically, going from a chrysalis to a lovely creature. The necklace’s design reflects this, reminding us of change’s power. It’s a symbol of growth and change.


The blue butterfly charm represents life’s big transformations. It reminds us of personal journeys and milestones. This piece reflects the magic of change everywhere.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

At The Butterfly Chokers, we’re proud of our green mission. Your personalized blue butterfly necklace comes in a FSC certified white kraft gift box. It has our logo hot foiled in silver. This shows off your necklace’s beauty and our love for the Earth. We use recyclable materials.

FSC Certified Gift Box

Our gift box is special. It’s made from FSC certified materials. This means the paper and cardboard won’t harm forests. We care about our packaging reflecting our heart for the planet.

Recyclable Materials

Like our FSC gift box, the packaging for your necklace is all recyclable. You can recycle the cardboard, paper tape, and even the tissue paper. This helps keep our planet clean and works towards an eco-friendly tomorrow.

Fast Shipping and Returns

We know getting your order fast is key, alongside an easy return option. Our team works hard to process and deliver your blue butterfly necklace quickly. With our 30-day return policy, you can shop worry-free.

1-2 Business Day Turnaround

Your new necklace is shipped out in 1-2 business days. This quick process means you’ll have your purchase soon. We’re proud to deliver your custom jewelry fast.

Free First Class Shipping

Customers in the US enjoy free first-class shipping on their order. Your blue butterfly necklace will arrive at your home, no extra charge.

30-Day Return Policy

If your buy doesn’t meet expectations, you have 30 days to return it. Just send the item back in good shape for a full refund. We want you to love what you get from us.

Handmade with Care

The personalized blue butterfly necklace is a fragile, handmade jewelry piece. It’s made with attention to detail. We use top-notch materials and skilled craft to make each necklace. Every step is done with care and preciseness.

There is a strong love for making handmade jewelry at its core. Each necklace is made by hand, making sure every detail is just right. This results in a beautiful and durable piece of jewelry. The person who gets it will treasure it for a long time.


The custom blue butterfly necklace is really special. It’s a great choice for a unique gift idea. This necklace is perfect for any big event or to show a special friendship.

It’s more than just a necklace. You can pick how it looks, from initials to name charms. The main charm is a beautiful blue butterfly. It’s made from the best materials, making it classy.

This necklace is all about beauty, change, and growth. These ideas make it a really deep gift. The lucky person can wear it every day or on special times. It will mean a lot to them for many years.


What is the personalized blue butterfly necklace?

The necklace has a pretty blue butterfly charm and a silver charm with an initial or name. The butterfly is gold plated with blue. It’s safe for everyone, as it’s lead and nickel free. This handmade piece is perfect for any special moment.

How can I personalize the necklace?

You can choose an initial to be engraved on a charm. Or, put your name inside the gift box. It makes the necklace a special gift that your loved one will always remember.

What are the details of the butterfly charm?

The butterfly is 7x6mm and has a pretty blue finish. It’s made without nickel or lead, so it’s safe for your skin.

What length options are available for the necklace?

You can choose from different lengths for the necklace. For example, 14-inch for kids 3 years and older. Or, 24-inch, which is longer and can be worn even by men.

What chain/cord options are available?

You can pick from different materials for the necklace chain or cord. This includes silver plated, sterling silver, black cotton, and black leather. Each option is detailed to suit different styles.

What occasions is this necklace suitable for?

It’s a great gift for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, and to show you care for someone special.

What is the symbolism behind the blue butterfly?

The blue butterfly symbolizes beauty and change. It’s a meaningful charm, symbolizing important life qualities.

What are the sustainability features of the packaging?

The necklace comes in an eco-friendly white kraft box. The box and packaging, including the tape and paper, are all recyclable. This shows the brand cares for the environment.

What are the shipping and return details?

Orders are sent out within 1-2 days. UK customers enjoy free postage. There’s a 30-day return policy for items in their original state.

How is the necklace made?

This necklace is crafted by hand with love. It uses top quality materials and skilled work. This makes it a beautiful and lasting piece.

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