Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Butterfly Ring

How To Find The Best Silver Butterfly Ring–Tips And Tricks

The Silver Butterfly Ring is an elegant piece of jewelry. It’s not only delicate and pretty but also has a unique design. The silver butterfly ring captivates people’s attention immediately after glance at it.

What makes this ring so special is the butterfly, motif and diamond.   Here are some tips on how to pick the best one.

10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Silver Butterfly Ring

1: Understand the size and shape of your hand.

Before you start shopping for a silver butterfly ring, it’s important to gauge your hand size and shape. You want to avoid having a ring that’s too large or too small, especially if you’re looking for something that can be worn every day.

In order to find the right ring size, try one on in person if possible. Have the sales associate measure your hand at the base of your thumb and around the widest part of your finger (excluding your thumb). Write these numbers down; then compare them with the chart below to determine what size you need.

The general idea is this: If you have a small wrist and/or short fingers, go for a smaller size; if you have a larger wrist and/or longer fingers, go for a larger size.

If you’re shopping online and trying to decide between two sizes, consider this: If the ring is going to be loose on your finger, it’ll look silly if it’s too tight—but if it’s too loose, it can get lost. If you have average-sized hands, go with the larger size so you don’t run into either problem.

The width of the band should also be easy to measure by yourself. If you find that you can’t easily do this, ask the seller or check their’s page for size information.

2: Does it match your style?

Butterfly rings come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes. If you know your fashion tastes well, then you should be able to find a ring that suits your style. Just as importantly, it’s important to know not only what type of styles you like, but also what parts of those styles appeal to you specifically.

For example, if you love the look of flowery Victorian-style lace with bright colors and elegant bow designs, but don’t care for the shape of typical butterfly wings—or maybe even think they’re creepy—then don’t choose a ring with butterfly wings that look like the kind of lace you like.

Instead, find a butterfly ring whose wings are more similar to the kind of lace that appeals to you most.

3: Does it fit my fiance’s personality?

A ring is a piece of jewelry that will be worn daily and sometimes in the company of strangers, so it should reflect something about your love that you feel comfortable sharing with the world.

If she’s got a great sense of humor, maybe choose a ring with a funny symbol on it or one that has some glitter added to its design. If she’s got a bit of a wild side, you might want to go with something sleek and modern or even a ring made out of precious metal.

Many people choose silver butterfly rings because they’re in line with the trend of wearing more feminine jewelry, but there are many other styles out there to fit her unique taste.

4: What type of stone do you need?

Choosing a stone for a silver butterfly ring is a lot like choosing one for any other piece of jewelry.

First and foremost, what is the stone going to be used for? If you’re looking to give this ring as an engagement or wedding band, or as a gift to symbolize some kind of milestone, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the ring will be worn every day. That means that durability is probably your top priority.

Diamonds are naturally durable, but if you’re looking for something less expensive, sapphires are another popular choice because they’re extremely hard and resistant to scratches and pressure.

However, if you’re looking for something more ornamental than useful, or if you want something that’s going to be mostly just used on special occasions (and protected from everyday wear), you might go with a different stone altogether.

In terms of shape, round stones tend to be the most popular—they have a classic look that can’t be beaten. But oval stones can have an interesting look as well (if they’re cut properly), and they can also add some unique detail to your design. Square and rectangular stones are very contemporary-looking, which can add some visual interest if you need it in your design.

5: Know your budget.

As with most things, it’s important to know your budget. This can help you eliminate items that are too pricey, or that don’t fit within your price range. It also helps to build your case for splurging on an item that’s more expensive than you had initially planned on: “I’d like to get this diamond butterfly ring for her. Yes, it’s a bit more than I had originally thought I could afford, but I’ve been saving up and it fits my budget.”

The key is to be realistic about your budget, but be willing to go a little above and beyond if the perfect thing comes along and it fits within your means.

6: Check whether you can return or exchange a ring.

Checking whether you can return or exchange a ring is a great place to start when you’re shopping for a piece of jewelry.

You want the freedom to try on different styles and sizes without the fear of being stuck with something that doesn’t fit, isn’t what you wanted, or isn’t exactly what you thought it was (for example, if you thought it was sterling silver but it turns out to be silver-plated).

If you can’t easily return or exchange a piece of jewelry, then make sure it’s something you’re willing to live with as-is because once it’s yours, that’s it!

7: Choose a ring setting that complements your skin tone.

Choosing a ring setting that complements your skin tone is a way of saying, “I know you, and I know what you need.” In particular, you want to consider whether your skin is light or dark, warm or cool (a.k.a. golden or blueish), and whether it’s prone to blemishes like freckles and age spots.

In general, you want to choose a ring with medium-sized stones that will complement your skin tone rather than fight against it. Your ring should be as flattering as possible without being distracting—after all, you’ll be wearing it practically every day for the rest of your life. To eliminate the guesswork in choosing an appropriate ring setting, here are some guidelines:

For pale skin tones: silver butterfly rings with darker stones; gold butterfly rings with lighter stones are good options

For golden skin tones: go for silver butterfly rings with lighter stones

For cool skin tones: choose settings that have a warm hue (such as gold)

For dark skin tones: consider settings that have a cooler hue (silver is ideal)

8: Find out how to claim a warranty

When you’re shopping for jewelry, there’s always a risk that something will go wrong. Rings can get scratched; necklaces can break. Even if your purchase is covered by a written warranty, it doesn’t do you much good if you can’t figure out how to claim it. So here are some tips for figuring out the warranty on your jewelry purchase:

Inspect your ring when you get it home because sometimes they come with hidden defects or flaws (like a small scratch) that won’t be noticeable when you’re shopping in the store or at first glance.

If the defect is the result of workmanship or materials, the ring may be eligible for a full refund or exchange.

If the defect is the result of wear and tear, it’s not covered by the warranty.

If you don’t know what caused the problem, contact customer service and ask them to help make an evaluation.

If your ring isn’t eligible for a refund or exchange, see if they have any suggestions for repairing it yourself. Be sure to follow their advice because you might void your warranty if you don’t use their approved methods to repair the piece.

If nothing works, contact customer service and see if they’ll discount the price of a new

9: Match it with other pieces of jewelry you own.

If you’re trying to choose what jewelry to add to your collection, it’s important to think about how it will look with all of the other things you wear.

A simple butterfly necklace can look great when it’s paired with a bigger statement necklace. It can also look good when matched with a simple, dainty pendant.

The silver butterfly ring is no exception—it pairs well with other rings and bracelets of different shapes and sizes that can complement or contrast the butterflies on your hand.

10: Be confident with your purchase!

Once you find a ring that you love, don’t second-guess yourself because of the price.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure that you’re in love with something for more than one reason (ex: it’s both beautiful and unique) before you make a big purchase.

If you don’t feel totally comfortable with the way you’d look wearing the ring, or if there’s something about it that makes your gut churn in apprehension, maybe it’s not the right purchase for you—you can always come back to it later when your budget or tastes have changed.

Five Best Silver Butterfly Ring Review

I’ve searched the internet high and low to find the best silver butterfly ring, but couldn’t find a good review. I decided to write my own review to help everyone out. In this article, I’ll show you how to find the best butterfly rings for you.

1. Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Butterfly Ring

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Butterfly Ring

The Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Butterfly Ring is the perfect gift for the butterfly lover in your life. The butterflies are flying among flowers, with their transparent wings. The ring is simple and elegant, which will dress up any outfit. It’s adjustable, so it’s perfect for anyone from teens to adults.

The best part: it’s adjustable from 6 to 8, so whether it’s for your grandmother or your niece, it’ll fit them perfectly.

It‘s a great choice for parties, Christmas gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, or any gift-giving occasion.

2. Sterling Silver Scrollwork Butterfly Ring

Sterling Silver Scrollwork Butterfly Ring

These butterfly rings are so beautiful, delicate, and cute. The butterfly is very elegant in its design with the silver scrollwork on the wings and body. This ring is like a piece of art with very fine details.

You can wear it at any time you want, for your wedding, anniversary, party or just an ordinary day. They fit perfectly and feel great to wear. It would make a wonderful gift for someone special in your life.

This is a very high-quality item that will be appreciated by anyone who receives it as a gift. It is also appropriate for anyone to wear it every day because it’s such high quality.

3. Titanium Rainbow Zirconia Butterfly Ring

925 Sterling Silver Rainbow Butterfly Ring, Color Stone Adjustable Open Women'S Jewelry, One Size

This ring is an adjustable open design, you can use it for engagements, friends, birthday gifts, parties, travel, anniversaries, and so on.

his ring is made from 925 sterling silver and features a rainbow titanium zirconia butterfly in the center. It’s kind of a “rainbow” butterfly—if you’re familiar with real butterflies, you know that their wings are usually made up of several different colors, and this one is no exception.

The butterfly wings and body are multicolored, which gives the whole piece a sort of shimmering quality when the light catches it in just the right way. This ring would look great with casual outfits or dresses up nicely for evening wear—so whether you’re planning a trip to the beach or planning a night out on the town, this ring will work great!

4. Sterling Silver Openwork Butterfly Bypass Ring

Sterling Silver Openwork Butterfly Bypass Ring

If you’re in need of jewelry that’s suitable for everyday wear, you’ll love this elegant and affordable butterfly ring.

This adjustable ring is made from high-quality platinum, cubic zirconia, and amethyst which meets strict safety standards. You can have it on your finger all day with no worries about its effect on your skin.

It’s gorgeous in appearance with the butterflies embedded in it, yet very practical in function. It’s very light-weighted (around 2.9g) and won’t burden your fingers at all.

Also, it comes with a beautiful red jewelry box, the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Graduation Gift, Party, or Casual Wear!

5. Silver Light Jewelry 925 Sterling Silver Pink Sapphire Red Color Butterfly Ring

SILVERCLOSEOUT Sterling Silver Created Blue Opal Butterfly Ring (Size 4-10)

The setting for this beauteous butterfly ring is a silver band that’s 13mm in width. The body of the butterfly itself takes up most of this room, and it’s set with a beautiful blue simulated tanzanite stone on one side.

On the other side of the body, a blue lab-created opal creates a lovely border around the insect’s wings.

On the top of the body is where you’ll find two details that make this piece shine: intricately cut-out windows in the shape of the butterfly’s eyes, and a pair of sterling silver antenna. Around the edges of these windows are tiny reflective particles that glisten like dew on a spring morning.

The butterfly itself measures 16mm in length and 18mm across at its widest point. The ring is adjustable between 4 and 10 sizes, so it should fit most adults’ ring fingers.

Five Tips on How to Use Silver Butterfly Rings

1: To use silver butterfly rings, try using them in combination with copper and gold metal jewelry to give your outfit a whimsical feel.

2: You can also wear a silver butterfly ring with a matching necklace and earrings for an elegant touch.

3: If you want to add a bohemian vibe to your silver butterfly ring, pair it with a soft leather bracelet from the same collection.

4: You can wear silver butterfly rings with other silver rings for a unique twist on an everyday look.

5: Try wearing a silver butterfly ring with jeans and a bright t-shirt for casual days.

How To Take Care Of Your Silver Butterfly Rings

Silver butterfly rings are a popular choice, although they must be cleaned regularly to prevent tarnishing and damage. Here’s how to keep your silver butterfly ring in perfect condition:

Do not forget to polish the silver butterfly ring

The silver butterfly ring is a lovely piece of jewelry that you should take care of so it will last as long as possible. Polishing the silver butterfly ring is a good way to keep it shiny and looking nice. There are many different ways to polish the silver butterfly ring, but they all have one thing in common: they all require some sort of polish.

One way to polish the silver butterfly ring is to purchase polishing cloths made specifically for use on silver and other metals. The clothes are usually treated with a chemical that helps clean the piece and protects it from further tarnishing, as well. You simply rub the piece with the cloth, then buff it off with a soft, lint-free cloth. This method is easy to use and works well if you only need to clean a small area of your jewelry.

Another method is to use regular toothpaste. Toothpaste contains ingredients that can clean and protect your jewelry just like special polishing cloths do. Simply apply a small amount of toothpaste to your silver butterfly ring, then take an old toothbrush and rub away any tarnish that remains on it. Use warm water to rinse the toothpaste off of your jewelry and dry it with a soft cloth when you’re done cleaning it.

Rinse the ring with soap and water after removing it from your fingers

Remove the ring from your finger and place it in a small bowl of warm, soapy water. Rinse the ring with soap and water after removing it from the water—this will help loosen any dirt or grime that has accumulated on its surface. Dry thoroughly before storing to prevent more tarnishing.

Tarnish is a natural effect of silver—it happens when silver comes into contact with chemicals such as sulfur, which is found in many everyday products like paper, rubber bands, and food. To prevent tarnishing from occurring in your butterfly rings, keep them stored separately from other jewelry or silver items (such as silverware) that might have these elements on them.

If you find that your ring needs to be cleaned again because it has begun to tarnish, you can do so by putting it back into the warm soapy water for a few minutes with a drop of household cleaners like dishwashing liquid or bleach. Rinse well after cleaning and dry completely before storing.

Store your silver butterfly ring well

One of the most exciting parts about buying jewelry is that it can last a lifetime. That’s not just because of high-quality craftsmanship, but also because a little care goes a long way—even if your jewelry is made from precious metals like silver, gold, or platinum. If you’re taking care of your silver butterfly ring well as you wear it, it will be able to be passed down for generations to come. If you’re taking care of your silver butterfly ring well as you store it, it will be ready to be worn whenever you are.

It’s simple: keep your butterfly ring out of sunlight when you’re not wearing it, and use a box lined with felt or velvet. The felt will protect the metal from getting scratched or gouged by another hard object inside the box—like the prongs on another piece of jewelry, or even the clasp on something like an earring. The velvet will prevent anything else in your jewelry box from rubbing against the metal and causing damage. This might sound obvious, but things get moved around sometimes with regular use and cleaning—and that’s why many pieces of jewelry end up accidentally scratched or dented.

The best place for storage is in a dark place that’s separate from other pieces of jewelry—a drawer.

Check for color changes in your silver butterfly ring carefully

Silver is an alloy composed of copper, zinc, and other trace metals. As it ages, the silver oxidizes slowly and darkens to form a layer called “crazing” or “verdict”.

Although this layer can be removed with a polishing cloth, which will brighten your ring again, crazing can also add character to the piece and should be left alone if desired. The darkening of the silver usually occurs on the inside of rings but can happen on other parts as well if they are not polished regularly.

As long as a piece has been properly cared for by regular polishing and cleaning, crazing should not be seen as a sign that your ring is becoming damaged or worn out—it’s just how silver gets more beautiful over time!

Remove your ring before doing strenuous exercise or gardening.

If you have a silver butterfly ring, here are some tips for keeping it in mint condition:

Do not wear your silver butterfly ring while doing anything physical—exercise, cleaning, yard work, etc. The delicate structure likely won’t be able to withstand heavy use.

Because the wings can be damaged by impact and friction, treat your ring with care when taking it on and off. Avoid any unnecessary contact with hard surfaces; if you drop it, pick it up as soon as possible and check the integrity of each wing.

The layered design of this piece means that any contact with water or chemicals will cause damage to the surface. Take off your ring before doing dishes or washing your hands and try not to get it wet under any circumstances.

Keep chlorine, fragrances, and lotions away from your jewelry.

Chlorine and fragrances are two big culprits. Chlorine is the chemical found in many pools and hot tub water, which can damage the metal in your jewelry to the point where it will no longer be safe for wearing. The same goes for perfumes, colognes, and any other heavily scented products, as well as lotions—the chemicals in some of these substances can also cause corrosion that will weaken the metal over time.

Last Thought

Butterflies are a common motif in jewelry, mostly because people admire how beautiful they can be. This is what makes silver butterfly rings a great choice for anyone and everyone, especially those who want to flaunt their style. And if you want to find the best silver butterfly ring available, then we’ll tell you all you need to know to do just that!

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