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Why Are People Wearing Butterfly Necklace As Memorial Gifts?

Butterflies have always been associated with the magic, beauty and transformation. Butterflies are symbols of hope and joy, even in times of great sorrow. They represent a new beginning, new life and rebirth which is why many people choose butterfly jewelry as a memorial gift when someone passes away.

Butterflies are often seen around a house after a loved one has passed away.

Butterflies are often seen around a house after a loved one has passed away. Many believe that butterflies are the souls of the dead, and this makes them an appropriate gift for anyone mourning the loss of a loved one. Butterflies symbolize freedom and movement, which may give you comfort when you’re feeling sad or alone.

Seeing a butterfly in your home or on your property is believed to be the return of your loved ones.

If you see a butterfly in your home or on your property, it is believed that the deceased person has returned to say goodbye. The butterfly symbolizes the soul that has moved on and left their earthly body behind. Seeing one in your home can be seen as a blessing from them and an invitation for you to join them in the next life. Butterfly necklace is a perfect memorial gift for someone who has passed away because it will always remind them of their loved ones who are no longer with us physically but watching over us from above!

The butterfly is a symbol of the soul that has moved on.

When a loved one passes away, it’s common to see butterflies around their house. The butterfly represents the soul that has moved on and gone through many hardships in life but still thrives. It’s also known as a messenger between heaven and earth because it flies high above people’s heads where no other creature can reach it!

These creatures are symbols of our deepest desires and hopes.

Butterflies are not just beautiful creatures; they also symbolize our deepest desires and hopes. Butterflies represent the soul, transformation and hope. They are symbols of beauty, freedom and life itself.

We find butterflies in many cultures around the world: Greece (where it was believed that a butterfly landing on one’s shoulder is good luck), China (where they symbolize spring) and India (where they represent freedom).

The nature of their transformation represents the journey of the soul.

The butterfly is a symbol of change and transformation. It is symbolic of the soul, which goes through many changes in life.

In some cultures, the butterfly represents the soul leaving the body at death. In others, it represents rebirth or resurrection. However, regardless of its meaning in each culture, butterflies are typically viewed as beautiful creatures that should be appreciated for their beauty and grace rather than feared or avoided because they might bring bad luck to those who see them in their home (or wherever else they might be).

However, if you want to know more about something like this then you can always ask someone who knows more about it than me – I’m just here trying to help out other people so they don’t have bad luck either.”

A butterfly necklace is something you can wear every day, and always remember them.

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Butterfly jewelry is a unique way to remember someone you love. Butterfly necklaces are excellent as they can be worn every day, and always remind you of the person you lost. You can wear a butterfly necklace to work or school, or out on the town with friends. It’s also a great gift for children who have lost a parent or loved one in their life.

A butterfly necklace is something that represents life, so wearing it is almost like having your loved one there with you all the time. You will feel comforted by its presence around your neck or wrist because it reminds you of how strong and beautiful life can be despite all of its struggles.

A butterfly necklace is a reminder of the person you lost and that they are no longer suffering.

A butterfly necklace is a reminder of the person you lost and that they are no longer suffering. It also reminds you that they are in a better place and at peace. In this way, it serves as a constant reminder of our loved ones.

A butterfly necklace can be given to anyone who has lost someone in their lives, but it is especially meaningful for children who have lost parents or relatives. A child may not understand when someone dies, but they will know what butterflies represent and will often associate them with their loved ones.

A butterfly necklace is comforting because it reminds you that you are not alone.

A butterfly necklace can be a reminder that you are not alone. When someone passes away, it can be easy to feel isolated and overwhelmed by your own emotions. You may feel like no one understands what you’re going through, but if you have a butterfly necklace on, it will remind you that there are others who have lost someone, too. It is comforting knowing that there is help available for those who need it, and knowing that someone out there understands how difficult this time can be will help give strength when times get tough.

Butterflies are beautiful and fragile, but they can endure anything if they must.

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Butterflies are beautiful and fragile creatures. Their wings are delicate, but they can endure anything if they must. They fly through storms and survive in the harshest of elements. It is their ability to endure hardship that makes them so inspiring and why people use butterfly necklace as memorial gifts.

People often look at butterflies as a symbol of rebirth or resurrection because they emerge from cocoons with new wings after going through metamorphosis (the process by which something changes its form). This transformation reminds us that we too can change our lives for the better if we have faith in ourselves and believe in our own abilities to overcome any obstacle life throws at us

A butterfly jewelry can be a perfect gift to share the love.

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A butterfly necklace is a thoughtful, meaningful way to remember a loved one. Your loved one may be someone who has passed away, a friend or family member currently going through treatment for cancer, or even yourself!

A butterfly necklace can provide comfort and peace when you need it most. The delicate nature of butterfly jewelry makes it an excellent choice for maternity jewelry as well as for everyday wear.

You will find that wearing your beautiful butterfly necklace will help you feel closer to the person you are memorializing each time that you put it on. You can wear your butterfly jewelry every day or save it for special occasions; either way, this keepsake will bring warmth and joy into your life every time that you look at it!

Admire the beauty of butterflies, keep the memories alive forever by wearing a butterfly necklace or ring.

You can commemorate someone who has passed away by getting them a butterfly necklace or ring. The butterfly symbolizes new life and everlasting love, so it is a fitting way to remember someone who has passed on.

If you have lost a loved one, you can express your feelings of grief and loss by wearing a butterfly pendant around your neck or as an earring in your earlobe. While this might seem like an insignificant act, it will allow others to see how much they mean to you while keeping their memory alive forever with every movement of the jewelry piece on your body.

If you are looking for something small but meaningful that will help bring closure after losing someone important in your life, then consider buying them something made out of butterflies such as earrings with butterflies instead


In conclusion, Butterfly necklace is a great gift for your loved ones. It is versatile, customizable and meaningful. It can be used as a memorial gift or just to show your love towards someone special in your life.

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